Change History

The Kneeboard Reference Guide

The data presented in the timeline below are manually added to the page after a new release has been published. After a new release is published, we list the most important areas where we have "enhanced" the content of the book. The most important changes are listed below for tracking purposes.

  • April 26, 2020

    Release 3.0

    This update of The Kneeboard Reference Guide is a base revision. We have updated the entire reference guide to be more professional, clean, and consistent with our new branding. We hope you enjoy this new version!

    • This update of The Kneeboard Reference Guide focuses on improving the user experience with our product. We have changed the page numbering and chapter scheme to allow for easier navigation. We have added a Master Table of Contents a the beginning of the reference guide which will allow for better global navigation. This Master TOC is hyperlinked and can be used to directly jump to any section within the guide.
    • Each chapter has been reformatted and all errors reported by our customers have been fixed. Many of these errors were typographical. We hope this update provides our customers with a better user experience. The reference guide reflects our new branding for Divergent Aerospace with text and color formatting.
    • This version is compatible with both the FAA PTS and FAA ACS.
    • Because of the magnitude of this release. We have chosen not to document each specific area that we have updated, as every single chapter and section with the reference guide itself have been completely modified from their previous version 2.0.
    • The most significant user improvements have been listed above.
  • December 18, 2017

    Release 2.0

    General Updates: Minor text changes, and content revisions. Modified formatting to be cleaner and easier to read.

  • June 20, 2016

    Initial Release (Version 1.0)

    This is the initial release of The Kneeboard Reference Guide