Change History

The Complete CFII Binder, Basic Instrument Theory

The data presented in the timeline below are manually added to the page after a new release has been published. After a new release is published, we list the most important areas where we have "enhanced" the content of the book. The most important changes are listed below for tracking purposes.

  • April 20, 2020

    Release 3.0

    General Updates: This update for The Complete CFII Binder is a major revision. We have completely re-written the entire book and have changed the page numbering scheme to allow for easier content additions in the future without disrupting the current page numbering in the binder.

    • We have added a Master Table of Contents a the beginning of the CFI Binder which will allow for global navigation. This Master TOC is hyperlinked and can be used to directly jump to any section within the binder. We’ve also created a hyperlinked lesson plan for each chapter which is clickable for easy navigation directly within each lesson plan.
    • All broken hyperlinks have been fixed. All multimedia within the binder that was previously broken has been fixed.
    • Each chapter has been completely written and reformatted and all errors reported by our customers have been fixed. Many of these errors were typographical with some factual. We hope this update provides our customers with a better user experience.
    • The binder reflects our new branding for Divergent Aerospace with text and color formatting.
    • This version is compatible with both the FAA PTS and FAA ACS.
    • This update is a product of our new publishing software which has taken us over 1 year to perfect and release.
    • Because of the magnitude of this release. We have chosen not to document each specific area that we have updated, as every single chapter and section with the binder itself has been completely re-written and modified from its previous version 2.0.
    • The most significant user improvements have been listed above.
  • December 25, 2016

    Release 2.0

    General Updates: Minor text changes, and content revisions. Correction of typographical errors throughout the publication. Image credit has been added for all lessons.

    • Cross-Country Flight Planning; Chapter 9, Section 5: Removed “EST” from the example NOTAM made available for decoding. 1305011200-1312111200EST should show as 1305011200-1312111200, as this time is displayed in UTC, and NOT in Eastern Time.
    • Weather Information; Chapter 7, Section 6: Added Takeoff & Landing Performance Assessment (TALPA) and Runway Condition Assessment Matrix (RCAM). This is the new process for disseminating Runway Conditions that went into effect on October 1, 2016. This data can be found in the airport NOTAMS.
  • June 20, 2016

    Release 1.3.0

    General Updates: Minor text changes, and content revisions. The formatting and text of the textbook have been modified to promote a better user experience.

    • Flight Instruments & Navigational Equipment; Chapter 3, Section 3: Updated RVSM Altitude to show a correct listing of RVSM Altitudes, FL 290 to FL 410.
    • Compliance With ATC Procedures & Clearances; Chapter 11, Section 2: Revised text that said that ODP’s are only textual. They are “normally” textual, however, can be graphical, under more complex environments.
    • Navigation Systems; Chapter 13, Section 1: Added reference for AC-90-108, which discusses the permissible types of equipment that can be substituted (RNAV) to replace DME, or Ground-Based Radio NAVAID’s.
    • Instrument Approach Procedures; Chapter 14, Section 2: Added a description of Angular Deviation vs. Lateral Deviation.
    • Airport Operations; Chapter 16, Section 3: Added the atmospheric criteria of when it is necessary to hold short of ILS Critical Areas.
  • June 20, 2016

    Release 1.2.0

    General Updates: Minor text changes, and content revisions. Correction of typographical errors.

    • Principles of Flight; Chapter 6, Section 2: Revised the direction of the greater than symbol for “subsonic.”
    • Preface; Chapter 1: Added Copyright Notice.
    • Logbook Entries For Instrument Instruction; Chapter 6: Revised total number of hours required for an instrument rating (as per §61.65(d)). Modified to show correct instrument experience requirement for the add-on rating.
    • Cross Country Flight Planning; Chapter 9, Section 3: Revised written text on the 1-2-3 rule for alternate requirements.
  • February 5, 2016

    Release 1.1.0

    General Updates: Branding Update

  • October 8, 2016

    Release 1.0.6, 1.0.7, 1.0.8

    Addressed minor text formatting problems. Added counter line, isotherm, and isotach definitions to weather information chapter. Revised compliance with ATC procedures chapter, Departure, Enroute, and Arrival section to include the two types of SIDS and to include the climb gradient equation. Added altitudes and locations where a Mode C transponder is required in the flight instruments chapter, transponder lesson. Modified NDB & ADF Systems lesson, within the same chapter. Complete revision of executing procedure turns lesson, located in the Instrument Approach Procedures chapter. Added all types of procedure turns and added additional photos and clarification.

  • September 24, 2015

    Release 1.0.3, 1.04

    Various updates throughout the book, with the addition to LDA and SDF approaches in the IAP lesson. Added Airport Operations lesson to the book for the purposes of identifying precision runways. Formatting issues have been addressed.

  • September 23, 2015

    Release 1.0.1

    General Updates: Minor text changes, and content revisions.

    • Holding Procedures; Chapter 13: Updated a minor discrepancy in the sub-section “Visualize The Hold The Easy Way, the hold was not being displayed correctly. It is recommended that you update this specific page in your printed binder immediately.
  • September 22, 2015

    Initial Release (Version 1.0)

    This is the initial release of The Complete CFII Binder, Basic Instrument Theory.